Why Composite Panels?

Composite panelling is composed of two aluminium sheets on the outside and a polythylene core in between. While an extremely simple product, the advantages of using composite panels are huge and the product has been embraced by architects world wide. It can create a facade that is both stable and flexible, completely smooth and in whatever colour your heart desires. Sometimes multi coloured aluminium panels can even be found.

As the panels are created using a high quality aluminium they are weather-resistant, shock-resistant, unbreakable and easily absorb vibrations. Their unique design also makes them easy to install.

Our composite panel installations use panels coated in a PVF2 finishing. This is widely recognised as the best available top coat for all climates and works brilliantly in any environmental conditions.

This allows you to be confident in using these panels as a fascia, cladding panels, for interior use, external use and in signage.